XC Board Updated for 2014

After Footlocker we updated The Board with 3 updates to the boy’s side and a whopping 10 updates on the girl’s side.  Here’s Coach Joan after installing the new boards.


Boys Updates for 2014:

  • Drew Roeber 15:48
  • Jeffrey Williams 16:02
  • Jonathan Timothy 16:16

Girls Updates for 2014:

  • Katherine Dokholyan 19:00
  • Reagan Roeber 19:16
  • Anna Passannante 19:22
  • Elise Matera 19:35
  • Clare McNamara 19:40
  • Madi Marvin 19:41
  • Maeve Gualtieri-Reed 19:45
  • Grace Tate 19:46
  • Milly Ames 19:58
  • Rosie Kerwin 19:59

Current board contents are always available here.

New Track Record Board

Joan has been working on a Chapel Hill High track record board to display at the track near the tiger.  Prior to Joan’s arrival the records were lost to a hard drive failure so she’s had to piece bits of information and results together from scratch.  She spent a morning in the school media center looking at old yearbooks from the 1960s to track down the correct results.

She spoke with Chapel Hill 1969 alum Nate Davis who now works in the local Parks and Recreation department.  He confirmed some results and is trying to track down the relay members of the school record 4X200m relay.

Here’s the fruit of her labor – to be mounted at the track soon!